First blog post

Hello there!

Welcome to Souly Yours! If you’ve found this site, you are likely experiencing a health crisis or starting a journey toward a healthier more wholesome lifestyle. I’d like to start by introducing myself and a bit about why I created this blog. Since I’m still in the beginning stages please come back often as I have a lot of posts to come!

Who Am I

I’m a small town girl from the Midwest seeking ultimate health, adventure and peaceful soul. I work in the food manufacturing industry and studied Grain Science in college. I’ve experienced a life exposed to many aspects of the agriculture community. I’ve also battled a 6 year un-diagnosed health crisis. More on that in my first few blog posts. These experiences allow me a unique perspective inside what I call the movement and the anti-movement.

The Why

See my first few posts that provide insight into my health journey and what ultimately drove me to share my experiences. I’ve had many highs but I’ve seen many more lows. In those lows, the one thing that kept me going was the thought of being able to help others once I made it out. If there are others out there going through what I have then, my greatest hope is that they will find these posts and find help, find peace, find hope and ultimately find better health.

The Push

I’ll admit, so many times I’ve thought “who would even care about what I’ve experienced, what I’ve tried that has worked, what hasn’t worked, etc”. But what can I lose, right? My time? I’m ok with that. If just ONE person finds help through my words then I’ll consider it a success!

Well, that’s all for now! I’ll try to keep the posts short, sweet and to the point.


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